I am tremendously lazy so I’ll just tell you only the beginning…

I was born on a cold day in December 1970 just as “They Call me Trinity” was released, both of us under the sign of Sagittarius. Moon sign? Sagittarius!
A half man, half horse shooting arrows from a bow???!!
It was inevitable that i would come to love Western movies so much, with those errant knights who spit and shoot, drink and cherish.
In April of ’77, when I decided to go to the cinema by myself for the first time, I chose a classic Western entitled “Mackenna’s Gold.” In spite of an exceptional cast (the great Omar Sharif, Eli Wallach, Telly Savalas…), the film was not exactly a piece of art. It was as boring as its protagonist Gregory Peck, but I was only six years old and so hypnotized by the film and adventure I was experiencing that I was totally unaware I was about to fall in love.  Among the many male characters playing tough guys, there was a much more interesting supporting female character played by Julie Newmar (the future Catwoman !!!) who stole my heart. This was the shabby Hesh-Ke, a young (blue eyed !!!) apache, muddy and wild, that in the middle of the movie decided to take a bath in the river completely nude! Fortunately the film was not restricted to 14 year olds and thus marked my life indelibly.
Once I was out of the movie theater, and obviously out of my mind too, I was suddenly aware that cinema would be topic I would have to deepen my knowledge and appreciation of.

Don’t worry guys, it’s all made up.

But if you would like to find the true story, feel free to contact me.


Roberto De Vita, born in Milan in 1970. Graduated in scenography at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in 2004.
Since 1999 he has been a film editor.
In 2002 he edited Paolo Ameli’s short film “Mud Red” which was presented the same year at the Venice Film Festival. In 2003 “Mud Red” won many international film awards including the David of Donatello for Best Short Film, Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and the Best Editing at the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF).

In 2019 shortfilm “Mustang Blues” receive the nomination for best editing at Tokio Genre Celebration Festival

Roberto edits with Avid, Final Cut and Premiere.

He speaks Italian and English.